SINCE 1840

Rossignotti is one of the oldest sweet enterprise in Liguria. Thanks to this family business-concern, Ligurian and Italian recipes have been handed on from father to son for over 175 years. Rossignotti’s company runs three confectioners with workshop, which are all been inserted by the historical local of Italy in the list of the oldest and the most prestigious Italian establishments. Furthermore, the business had a workshop for the artisanal production of sweets.

In 1840, the first Rossignotti’s shop has been open in via XXV Aprile, the historical and unique street of Sestri Levante. Then, a second confectioner was designed by Granny Emilia Costa, which selected pitchpine furniture polished with sealing-wax. This elegant shop is located in the main town street, via Dante.

At the beginning, the production was focused on the Traditional Confectionery, in particular Biscuits and Pandolce Genovese. In 1924, Candies and nougat had been made in a workshop, in via Olive di Stanghe. That workshop has been working for over a century.

Finally, the third shop was designed by the architect Giulio Rossignotti, brother of the Grandfather Giacomo. That was open in 1929 in Riva Trigoso, a small town next to Sestri Levante.

The great success of Rossignotti reached the attention of Roosevelt, Garbo and Marconi which tried creme, pastries, cannoli, nougat and torroncini and loved them. Between 1920 and 1950 Rossignotti was one of the main company in its sector in Italy and in America.


This is not just a slogan, it is our business philosophy. Rossignotti combined over the past six generations the traditional recipes, technological innovations and excellent food raw materials in order to obtain unique speciality goods.

Over the years, Rossignotti won many Prize and Certificate thanks to the positive judgment of its consumers.

Nowadays, several candy flavours are produced without preservatives and food colouring, in order to avoid any unpleasant aftertaste and leave instead a nice and fresh taste.

Rossignotti’s nougat and Torroncini are all prepared using an high percentage of honey and exclusively Italian almonds and hazelnuts. These products are made following the traditional procedure which included the manual spreading of the nougat mixture.

Rossignotti’s production line included chocolates, filled chocolates, gianduiotti, chocolate bars and pralines. These are all made from scratch using cocoa beans and food raw materials carefully selected in order to obtain high quality products.

Rossignotti is involved in the preservation of the historical heritage and in the development of the local productions, this led to the production of the Ciocconella, a spreadable cream made using an local hazelnuts named “Misto Chiavari”.