“Il Genovese” is a craft business specialising in the preparation of Genoese Pesto.

A story to be told and a long-standing tradition of taste and quality are distinguishing features of the culinary products selected by Rossi 1947. The company, which specializes in the production and selling of top-quality Italian and international food product, was started in Genoa 1947. Through the experience and skill of three generations, many stores and a small factory, Rossi 1947 distributes its famous Pesto througout Italy and 19 foreign countries. Especially attentive to ligurian culinary traditions, the Panizza family owner of Rossi 1947, has been producing and distributing a great Genoese Pesto, made from carefully selected and top quality ingredients, for many years. Ligurian-grown Genoese DOP basil, Vessalico garlic, 24 moths-aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and extra virgin oil are the basic ingredients required to make the pesto according to the original recipe, along with experience, know-how and modern production systems. The Pesto Rossi 1947 has been awarded and reviewed by major Italian and foreign specialist magazines.


Born as an independent business just over a year ago, this company benefits from the great experience of the Panizza family who has been operating in the food sector for three generations under the “Rossi” brand. At present, Il Genovese is located in the centre of Genoa, in a 200 sqm facility that can accommodate a maximum of six workers, although at the moment it employs only three.


Pesto is today the second most used pasta sauce in the world and the third most popular sauce in general worldwide, after mayonnaise and ketchup. This means that such an extreme from of specialization gains a particular relevance on both local and international markets, especially if the proposal originates in the territory where the produce itself was first created.


The product has obtained many awards for its outstanding quality, including a ranking published by “Gambero Rosso” magazine according to which the Fresh Genoese Pesto by “Rossi” is the best pesto sauce in the whole of Italy. The same result also came out of another classification drawn up by a test panel from the “Associazione Altroconsumo” (consumers’ association).

Roberto Panizza is part of the organization as well as Chairman of the Jury of the World Championship of the Mortar and Pestle Pesto”, an interesting Genoese show which is known all over the world. See more on www.pestochampionship.it


Our recipe is conceived to obtain the maximum quality, in full obedience to the tradition.


The ingredients are:

  • Genoese DOP basil
  • Parmigiano Reggiano from the mountain area, aged 24 months
  • Italian extra virgin olive oil
  • Sardinian DOP pecorino “Fiore Sardo“ (sheep’s milk cheese), aged 10 months
  • Pine nuts
  • Garlic from Vessalico
  • Sea salt from Trapani