Frantoio Portofino born from the Santagata family ancient passion for high quality extra virgin olive oil.
Since 1907 a strengthened success year by year, generation by generation thanks to the careful selection of the products and the incessant research of the best quality.
Today, the fifth generation, represented by Cristina and Federico Santagata, has inherited the art of tasting, knowledge that was shared from father to son through the family. With the same accuracy in the selection of products and a philosophy aimed to quality, the new generations have embraced new methods of research and production in full respect of the traditions giving birth to Frantoio Portofino.


From the heart of Ligurian Riviera, Frantoio Portofino offers different qualities of extra virgin olive oil, from PDO to Taggiasco, from Riserva to Selezione, with a collection of selected products and recipes prepared in the full respect of tradition.

Taggiasca olives, in brine and pitted in extra virgin olive oil. Simple and natural. Genovese pesto, masterpiece of the region’s gastronomy. Black and green olive pâté, Midnight Spaghetti sauce and tuna fillets in olive oil. Delicious and genuine recipes created by Frantoio Portofino to enhance the taste and the pleasures of the table.